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Apr 26

10 years anniversary of Global Astronomy Month - long distant car trip - PART III

I got an invitation to "Thaqib Astronomy Association" and had the pleasure to meet this very active astronomy group in Rasht. Rasht is the center of Guilan province in the north of Iran, the southern of Caspian sea. The Association's building is situated in Mellat Park. It's a well equipped astronomycenter for teaching astronomy. Mrs. Javid is the founder and the head of this Association. In cooperation with Mrs. Jahandar she is doing public outreach events, for the people of Rusht and the whole province, they give astronomy courses for children and for teachers and do many more. For example... Read More...

Apr 25

National Astronomy Day - December 2, 2018

On December 16, 2018, the South Pleiades Astronomy Club together with the Cecília Payne Astronomy Club, the Vera Rubin Astronomy Club, the Prometheus Astronomy Club and the Young Astronomers, held at the Juan Bernardino Planetarium of the Federal University of Goiás events with workshops of astronomical experiments, rocket launching workshops and sessions at the dome of the planetarium to the public of the city of Goiânia - GO. The Southern Pleiades Astronomy Club spoke at the workshop of astronomical experiments on the physics and constituent elementary particles of the Universe, explaining what the cosmos is made of. Subsequently, a session... Read More...

Apr 22

Gunstar Go 02 it was a success

Well Done team . Night of Observation of the moon in the fair of the sun in goiania, despite the low movement more than 50 people observed for the first time in telescope the moon. Another dynamic event Gunstar go Gam 2019 celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Global Astronomy Month and the 50th anniversary of the apollo missions. Read More...

Apr 21

No Dream is too Big it was a success

Our traditional lunar meeting on the Além hill was a success. celebrating 50 years of the missions apollo look at moon spends even feelings of this great adventures of mankind. looking at her there and through the powerful telescopes of Gunstar's many joy possitive energies and conversations in more than 2 hours of observation. Read More...

Apr 21

Grand Star Party Celebration by SPACE in India

In the array of celebrating Global Astronomy Month every year on the largest scale, SPACE from various parts of India celebrated Global Star party 2019 and the 50th anniversary of the first lunar landing in the human history with the people of various background and age groups. V arious cities of India like Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Gujrat, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Karnataka and many more actively participated in the observations. SPACE had organized many sessions in which people observed the various celestial objects and especially the Moon with the help of a Telescope visible in the night sky. Particularly students... Read More...

Apr 21

20 More STEM Spyglasses for Ciencia Puerto Rico built at Earth Day Pensacola for AWB

The Escambia Amateur Astronomers and Draco Productions celebrated Earth Day Pensacola 2019 by settting up solar telescopes, handing out star charts and gaze schedules, displaying our meteorite collection, and hosting a student workshop where families built 20 more of the STEM spyglasses for Ciencia Puerto Rico. This shipment will make 85 of these 20X 31mm terrestrial scopes with 1" Draco Baader solar filters available to the elementary science classrooms in Maria ravaged Puerto Rico. Here is the link to our gallery, with great solar shots. Read More...

Apr 21

Gunstar Go 01 it was a success

With the apparent end of the rainy climate the skies of Brazil returns with its splendorous form and its color of indigo. Taking advantage of the Moon we made our first edition of the Gunstar go Gam 2019 events whose gunstar takes their equipment and guides without warning to the great public with the traveling telescope the largest project of dissemination of the Astronomy of the State of Goias. Let's together gunstar in the global month of Astronomy spirit of Apollo celebrating 10 years of the GAM and 50 Years of the lunar missions. market of Jacaré Goiania. Oficial Video... Read More...

Apr 21

Exploring the Moon - Public Outreach

AOYA has celebrated the Global Astronomy Month 2019 this weekened at the premises of International Maarif School in Erbil. The school students, their family members, staff and outside participants had some great opportunities to explore the detailed lunar terrains at a decent magnification through or scope. The event was very exciting to all the attendees who very musch appreciated this opportunity. We're looking forward to clearing weather in the coming days to plan for more celebrating events. AOYA Team / Educating the Public ! Read More...

Apr 21

MUTAJ's Night 2019

April 20, 2019, Malaysia – In conjunction with Global Astronomy Month 2019, Telok Kemang Observatory held a program to celebrate it with our local community. The theme is MUTAJ's Night. MUTAJ is acronym for well-known Malaysian Islamic astronomer, Sheikh Muhammad Tahir Jalaluddin. The program start around 2:00PM MYT with astronomy workshop with local university students until 6:00PM MYT. Then continued at 8:00PM MYT with open talk by Assistant Manager of Telok Kemang Observatory, Muzamir Mazlan. The talk includes the topic about Sheikh Muhammad Tahir, astronomical event for 2019 and Q&A session. Unfortunately , Moon observation cannot be held due to... Read More...

Apr 20

gam2019 in arrass city آفاق سماوية الرس

some photos from our Global Astronomy Month programs

Apr 19

Telescopio Itinerante do Fogaréu it was a success

a memorable night of Astronomy culture and faith marked the Wednesday night in the good village (old goias). Thousands of tourists and natives have gathered in the square of the bandstand for the great festival that stages the last parts of the history of Jesus his persecution and death. The moon was one of the biggest attractions and we Gunstar counted more than 3,500 people who observed the moon for the first time. For us we had long session with astronomical disclosure and once again tightening ties with our old Goias cell administered by our dear compatriot jaqueline jubé. Special... Read More...

Apr 16

Celebrating Global Astronomy Month in Nigeria

Here are some photos from our Global Astronomy Month outreach programs ... Read More...

Apr 15

Global Star Party Steps 2019 - Spirit of Apollo it was a success

Glory Day in Astronomy of Goias with the 8 Gunstar Edition of the global month of Astronomy and 10 Edition of foundation, the ones of the Gunstar Institute with the sponsorship and idealization of CCBEU the largest and most traditional English school in the State of Goias we present a day of activities in Astronomy: Speeches : Professor Daniel Vinhal: 50 years and the Apollo missions. Professor Sanddro Libb: Astronomy on the planet Krypton. Workshops: Make Your Nebula Professor Guilher Correa: Astronomical Apps and gadjets Contests: Message for you, thematic essays. Astro arts, astronomical drawings. Telescopic observation: Gunstar Team, Elite... Read More...

Apr 14

10 years anniversary of Global Astronomy Month - long distant car trip - PART II

10 years anniversary of Global Astronomy Month - long distant car trip - PART II My announced talk at Biruni Observatory as I mentioned in my last report, did unfortunately not happen. Prof. Moein Molesh cancelled the fixed event, due to internal university security problems, one day before. This was really annoying that the during many month prepared visit was cancelled due to bureaucratic innsufficiency. So my visit ended 8 km before the observatory in front of the university gate - "Astronomy With Borders" :-( So I started one day earlier to the active astronomy group in Bushehr at the... Read More...

Apr 14

Star-Gazing Night-IAU 100

Hi, This saturday april 13 2019, I went to the Brussels Academy Palace where we celebrated 100 years if the IAU ! I found lots of friends from Belgium, France, made some new from Germany, Spain, Australia, Holland.. There were some speeches given by Ewine van Dishoeck, IAU president, Stella Kafka from AAVSO, John Grunsfeld who talked about his STS 125 flight, Babak Tafreshi (TWAN) also gave a speech ! I asked questions such as wether the IAU had a list of countries banning telescopes (Egypt for instances confiscates your telescope when you arrive at the airport) and what to... Read More...

Apr 14

Star party for saturday night

by Toshihito Ishida

On the 13 Apr 2019, Star-gazing session was held with the 2-meter telescope ("NAYUTA") of the Nishi-Harima Astronomical Observatory. Unfortunately, the weather during the event was not clear, and we cannot watch stars through the telescope. However, 42 people are joined to the event. Instead of the star watching through the telescope some talks about the 2-meter telescope and objects in the recent night sky are given to the participants. Read More...

Apr 13

Global Astronomy Month 2019 in Haedo - Buenos Aires

We perform a serie of activities in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We observe , through a solar filter, our sun. Read More...

Apr 13

GAM Moon Watch at IUCAA, Pune, India (Video link in description)

by Sonal Thorve

Along with everyone on the globe, the Inter-University Centre for Astronomy & Astrophysics (IUCAA), Pune, India celebrate Global Astronomy Month every April. As a part of this celebration and observing the 50th anniversary of the first lunar landing in the human history, IUCAA SciPOP organised a Moon Watch on April 11. Around 150 secondary school teachers participated in the event. Prof. Somak Raychaudhury, Director, IUCAA shared his insight about the role of research institutes, the importance of science and technology in our lives, and international projects where India is playing a key role, like TMT, LIGO India. The session was... Read More...

Apr 13

Lumbini College Night Sky Observation Camp 2019


To celebrate the Global Astronomy Month (GAM) and also the Moon Landing Anniversary, Nalanda College Astronomical Society (NCAS) and Nalanda College Alumni Astronomical Society (NCAAS) conducted a night sky observation camp for students from grade 6 to 11 at Lumbini College, Colombo, Sri Lanka. This is the 350th night sky observation camp conducted by NCAS and NCAAS. We shared our astronomical knowledge with participants by giving talks on different fields of astronomy with greater emphasis on the value of dark skies and how to reduce light pollution. Astronomical booklets were handed over to the students, which was a successful BIG... Read More...

Apr 12

2 Astro Guests for moon like Few times

During the Only(!!!) clear predicted evening. ing of the week during the perfect moonphase. Read More...

Apr 09

Activities in Spain April 2019

April is a rainy month in Spain, so it is a bad date to participate in the activities of GAM, but that does not mean that they stop doing activities. Here is a summary of the main activities: 01.- Conference: "El Sol" in the Navarra Association of Astronomy. 02.- Physics course and nanotechnology conference at the Astronomical Association of Madrid. 02.- Stellar spectroscopy workshop at the Sociedad Malagueña de Astronomía. 04.- Conference: "Survive in space" in the Malagueña Society of Astronomy. 05.- Activities at the Lodoso Observatories (Burgos), by the Astronomical Association of Burgos. M33, photographed by César Blanco González... Read More...

Apr 09

2019 Mega Star Party at Triel

by Maria Curlin

On Saturday, April 6th, the Triel Observatory (located at the town of Triel, about 30 km west of Paris), organized its 12th Mega Star Party. Several regional clubs and amateur astronomers were present as well as many other visitors, including families. At the park of the observatory, there were a lot of exchanges and discussions, questions and answers about astronomy. At the auditorium, three conferences attracted a large audience : two conferences on the Apollo missions and one on astrophotography. There were also workshops organised for the children. Overall, the party was once again a success. Read More...

Apr 08

Infinite World

Infinite World is but a finite gesture from my side. It is my tribute to the joys of Mother Nature – and the warp and weft betwixt the celestial to the cosmic, the natural to the oceanic, the mountainous to the cumulus. A paean to Georgia from 'Laniakea' – home to the earth's magnificent Milky Way. Infinite World Read More...

Apr 08

Luna Surface details

Moon craters 1 Bonprand 2 Parry 3 Tolansky 4 Parry M 5 Fra Mauro Formation: Fra Mauro is a widespread hilly geological area covering large portions of the lunar surface around Mare Imbrium, and is thought to be composed of ejecta from the impact which formed Imbrium. The area is primarily composed of relatively low ridges and hills, between which exist undulating valleys. Much of the ejecta blanket from the Imbrium impact is covered with debris from younger impacts and material churned up by possible moonquakes. Debris found in the formation may have originated from deep beneath the original crust,... Read More...

Apr 08

Astro cine First Man happened

Even with little attendance was made a look at the history of the Apollos and of course we talked about the film and about the person and the character Neil Armstrong. Rain sure has messed up the attendance a bit that does not make us sure that day 13 at CCBEU with Global Star Party will be a success like all previous editions of Global Star Party. We are going together Gunstar Team and CCBEU waiting for everyone for this super astronomy party in the 2019 Global Astronomy month. Read More...