Hosted by the International Maarif Schools in Erbil, AOYA has invited the public to attend a night dedicated to observing the moon on Saturday, October 5th. This event was precceded by a 4 day activity program including a lunar photo contest, moon painting, poetry, and creating 3D models of the lunar features.

The event was a great sucess, children have added a nice atmosphere and were left speechless when saw the detailed features of the moon as being projected from the scope onto the desplay. We have answered numerous questions about the moon by visitors from all ages and cultural backgrounds. May children were so excited and interested in being astrnauts! 

The atmosphere was very friendly and fun to all aided by the very nice weather and cool breeze!

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  • Hello Eyad, Your event looks fantastic! It sounds like your team really made an impact because the children “were left speechless when saw the detailed features of the moon as being projected from the scope onto the display.” Thank you for your outreach!

    Jessica Santascoy
    AWB Community Engagement Manager
    • 10 October
      in reply to Jessica Santascoy
      Hello Jessica and thanks for the nice comment. We're doing our best and we're always learning from our past imperfections. Thanks to the wonderful and supportive team of AWB for their outstanding encouragement and inspiration.

      Eyad S. Khailany
      AOYA, Erbil Iraq
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