AOYA was Celebrating the 50th anniversary for the first landing on the Moon; on the night of July 12th. 2019 !!

Special thanks to; Explore Scientific USA who donated this state-of-the-art telescope & Astronomers Without Borders for their sincere efforts to make our work possible. We'd also like to thank all the people who showed up to the events, and thanks to our location provider; The Book Cafe' in Dream City, Erbil.

Eyad S. khailany

Founder/Astronomy of Young Astronomy AOYA

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq.

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AWB Coordinator for the Kurdistan Region - Northern Iraq with Niga Mahmood Hasan. We are living for one goal; to educate school kids and the public in the Kurdistan Region (northern Iraq) of Astronomy and related sciences to help them better understand and appreciate the world around them. We believe this vital knowledge will further implant the spirit of accepting differences (religions, politics, social and cultural) among the youth and grown up people of this region.


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