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10 years anniversary of Global Astronomy Month - long distant car trip - PART II
My announced talk at Biruni Observatory as I mentioned in my last report, did unfortunately not happen. Prof. Moein Molesh cancelled the fixed event, due to internal university security problems, one day before. This was really annoying that the during many month prepared visit was cancelled due to bureaucratic innsufficiency.
So my visit ended 8 km before the observatory in front of the university gate -  "Astronomy With Borders" :-(

biruni observatory 3

biruni observatory 2

biruni observatory 1

So I started one day earlier to the active astronomy group in Bushehr at the Persian Gulf, where I had a very friendly welcome. At the local observatory ( I gave a little talk about 10 years of GAM, 100 years of IAU and 400 hundred years of 3rd Kepler Law. The event was a big success.






Iranian people like to take pictures with their cellphones - especially women wanted to take a picture with my wife Ulrike :-)


telescope hosseinme
Hossein and me @ the observatories telescope


Bushehr is even a wounderful city with a beautiful beach on the Persian Gulf with a vivid nightlife and wonderful restaurants :-)



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