Many times, we feel that what is on our planet Earth is all the absolute, until we discover the universe by our own effort, I present our capture of the Globular Cluster M13 in the Constellation of Hercules, which is approximately 25,100 light years away. You can identify the blue and yellow stars in the globular cluster It is wonderful to see them in a single photo It is curious to know that our favorite astronomer and communicator Carl Sagan sent a symbolic signal to this globular cluster from the Arecibo Radio Telescope In Puerto Rico for 1974 to commemorate the remodeling of the Radio Telescope, we can also see in this photo 2 galaxies, the NGC 6207 which is approximately 30 million light years from our planet and the IC 4617 is approximately 154.2 millions of light years from our planet, this wonderful capture was captured by Fernando Roquel Torres from Caguas, Puerto Rico.


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