I'm so proud to announce that our team in Afaghrahbar Azarbayjan institute, from the October 2018 campaign of IASC, has discovered 2 asteroids attained provisional status.
In the first step, we found 35 asteroids as preliminary discovery and finally 2 asteroids attained provisional status.
Our team members:
Miss. Sara Seyed hatami (team leader)
Mr. Morteza Naderifard
Miss. Sareh Vahedi
A preliminary discovery is the first, original observation of new asteroid. The asteroid must be observed a second time within the next 7-10 days. If it is, then the discovery is changed to provisional status by the Minor Planet Center (MPC). Asteroid discoveries with provisional status are maintained in the MPC database for many years, until there have been a sufficient number of observations to fully determine the orbit. That process typically takes 6 years, at which point the asteroid is numbered and cataloged by the International Astronomical Union.
Best Regards
Sara Seyed hatami
Afaghrahbar Azarbayjan inst.


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