when a modern physicist thinks about the extraterrestrial life we think it must be some life in a micro or macro form different from us living on a habitable planet. Habitable? I think that we need to rethink a bit about our definition of habitable conditions and redefine life.i think what we think is habitable might be horrible for other life forms. Might be they are evolved to live without oxygen and earth temperature maybe they are able to live within -200 k or even at 1000 degrees. I think we need to define life with a wide ranged definition. A question we usually ask our self That why we Humans find our self on a planet 149.6 million km away from the sun. And we Answer it rather will illogical answer that only earth was habitable that is the reason we find our self here. Earth is just an average planet there is nothing special about it. If we have been living on a mercury then we would have said that mercury is habitable and earth isn't. we need to look for other kinds of life will billions of other possibilities and consider fact that we are average 


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