Yesterday took place in Bucharest the biggest annual Science Festival organized by the oldest science journal from Romania called “Stiinta si Tehnica”.

Our association, Astroclubul Bucuresti participated with many astronomical instruments for public, with two microscopes for meteorites examination.

The weather was no so good but between the clouds we succeed to show to the public the Crescend Moon.

We had a meeting with our astronaut Dumitru Dorin Prunariu which spend in space more than 7 days on Soyuz 40 and on Saliut 6 space station, back in 1981.

Also we made small eclipse demonstration for children using a Planetarium with Interior Solar SystemAstrofest 2018 1Astrofest 2018 2Astrofest 2018 3Astrofest 2018 4Astrofest 2018 5Astrofest 2018 6Astrofest 2018 7Astrofest 2018 8


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    Astroclubul Bucuresti is an amateur astronomer association in Romania. The association is continuing the tradition of amateur astronomy in Romania, which started in 1907 with the founding of the first “Romanian Astronomical Society". We are amateur astronomers mainly from Bucharest but we also have members in Melbourne (Australia), Auckland (New Zeeland), Cambridge (UK), Paris (France), Silistra (Bulgaria), Canary Islands (Spain). The main interests of our organization are visual observations, astrophotography, variable star observations, spectroscopy, outreach in schools and popularizing astronomy to the general public and organizing lectures and astronomy training courses. Astroclubul Bucuresti also regularly cooperates with the Astronomical Institute...


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