Our organization Gunstar in the figure of our president Clayton Gubio dos Santos participated as regional coordinator of Asteroid Day Brazil.
Coordinating the West Center formed by 3 states many larger than several European countries in size, seriousness with which we participate in the wonderful global month of Astronomy.
Goiania had in average 25 events in which Gunstar elaborated and executed 24 of them. We count on the valuable help of the Cecilia Payne Astronomy Club of the Campos of the federal university of Goias in Special Physics course.
  In addition to being the main city in the world which made us very happy and proud at Gunstar's 24 events at the Asteroid Day Center West we take notice, lecture, courses, to over 3500 people in a serious way on this very important subject that can determine Our future and all of the people in Earth.
Where there is Gunstar Team Goias we also have the Figure of Astronomers without borders.x


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    Gunstar Team pioneirismo em Astro Aventura Ecológica e precursor da Astronomia cultural em Goias desde 2008 e com os Astrônomos sem fronteiras desde 2013.


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