The Rangoli is an art work. The Diwali is the biggest festival in india. People make Rangoli with flowers, grains, sand colors etc during this festival. Sand color Rangolis are mostly created in compound of almost every home in Gujarat during Diwali. 

I created the Solar System Rangoli at my classes - Polaris Classes on Diwali 2016. The objective of making astronomical rangoli was to ingegrate festival celebrations to science popularization. The people observed the Solar System in Rangoli and we discussed about Solar System planets, Great Red Spot of Jupiter, Saturn Rings, Planet sizes etc. I kept this rangoli for one week which was created on 30-31 Oct 2016 with 3 hours work.








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    Very much interested in astronomy. -I do astronomy related programs like sky shows and lectures/presentations in schools and colleges in our area. -We got "Best Event, Large population category" award by Astronomical League for Astronomy Day - 2011 program, in which I had taken the lecture/ presentations of astronomy and sky gazing.


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