Yumna Majeed


‚ÄčParticipants = 28 -30
Age = 11-12 years ( Grade 5,All females )
Topic = Our Planets ,Rocket Model Making
I told them the history of Rocket, planets, and asteroids with the help of Solar System model that I made.Then some material was distributed to make a rocket model ,plastic bottles,some chart papers and tape. We were unable to do discussion due to the shortage of time but some of them asked interesting questions like
 " Do the asteroids hit Earth ?
 '' Who can go to Space? " 
" Is it the  Air Force who go to Space ?
One of them asked if I have traveled space or not because all of them were thinking that I am telling them about solar system because I have visited Space and have seen the planets and asteroids but I told them that no one from our country has traveled Space.They asked about Moon Mission,they all were saying that they will go to the Moon when I told them Moon has been visited by 12 Americans,all male, and no female.The campus head selected the best rocket models and displayed them in student's activity corner. It was a nice experience ,I wish I had more time for discussion with them.14670866 1001729366622269 332474639447901137 n 1


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