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Topic :  Our Solar System and Celestial objects

It was my ever first Astronomy presentation to 50 to 55 girls at UNIQUE HIGH SCHOOL FOR GIRLS .
Correcting myths about solar system gave students an entirely new way to think about planets.I was very happy to see their face expressions and curiosity, I have no words to explain this experience.

Starting from Sun I told them about Plasma prominence,sunspots, hottest and coldest planet,distance,size, and atmosphere of each planet, the origin of their names,space crafts sent to each planet,duration of days and years on different planets.Then I told them about Apollo and Mars mission. 

Three students from this class know about actual space science but all of them mix it with astrology so I told them the difference between them.
Celestial objects ; Nebulae,Supernovae,Blackholes,Auroras,Stars,Constellations were described too. 
Duration of this session was almost 1hour 40 minutes.Students said it's interesting and it is something which is not in our *traditional textbooks*.Some of them asked for my autograph ( it was the most confusing moment,I never ever expected that ) Students from other classes/sections came and requested for *Astronomy Lectures*.I hope to arrange a few more lectures there in future.
( almost 50 to 55 students attended this presentation )IMG 20161004 WA0020 


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