We have finished with success the project "Astronomie en Equilibre" on June 26, 2016. We have had the last radio emission show about basic astronomy for Haitians. The last topic discussed was the Big Bang theory, explaining the most accepted guess of the origin of the Universe.astronomie en equilibre

We had had a total of 26 show episodes made, each Thursday at 6hPM, made principally by Dr Rulx Narcisse (the founder and actual President of the Haitian Astronomical Society) and sometime present at the show was MarcRony Deroses, a young enthusiast about astronomy. We have made some special celebrations in the show like Yuri's Night, Earth day & Asteroid Day.

We had had sometimes internet conexion difficulties, but we did it and we are proud to have the possibility to present astronomy to some young Haitians and we aprreciated some interaction with the public during the show. We have used Google On Air technology and when you could not have acces to live internet transmission we have used 4share to make them available online.

We would like to thank Astronomers without Borders for their support with the BIG project. And we will never forget the donors of the fund raising [] (Karen Jay, Elise Watts, Dionis Gauvin, Patricia Figueiro Spinelli, Fabio Del Sordo, Erwin Roessler,  Michael Mills, Aparna Dasgupta, James Durbano).

Info about this project is available in our official Blog at  [Intro page]  [Archives page].

Even if the project ended officially on July 28, 2016, the administration of the radio station (Equilibre FM) allows us to continue broadcasting each Thursday at the same hour to the regional public about basic astronomy.


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