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From august 6th till august 15th, I went to 7 different events at 6 different locations.

First, in a mediaval castle (Le chateau de Moha in the Liege province...About 50 people (families) with lots of children); Great time..

Then at our vewing site at Ramillies..A young couple with 2 children arrived there too..We saw the Milky Way.

Then a rapid succession of events: the Royal Observatory of Belgium at Uccle (about 600 persons and only 10 telescopes so lots of queuing and lots of planets, stars, the Moon and ISS. The Eurospace Center at Redu under rain but lots of conferences (I gave one in flemish about the merits (or not) to send humans to space). Then my club (Astroclub Vega) at Fernelmont, with Astronamur (250 persons present...Great weather too. Then in Brussels (again) but for another club (about 50 persons, also good weather)...and a last time at Ramillies agains (the Moon got more in the way but I stayed until very late and bikers came to look through our instruments)....


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