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peralta scorpius

Scorpius shone bright for Jesús Miguel Peralta, but not for the residents of a nearby town in the Andes Mountains. Jesús captured this stunning view from a site 4,000 m above sea level in the Province of San Juan (Argentina). At the far right, you can see Antares. Further left, there are the three stars that make Scorpius' pincers and, below them, planet Mars.

Unaware of the stars, residents of Barreal city endure a wind and dust storm, a common occurrence in that region.

This photo-story was our choice from those submitted to Astronomía sin Fronteras, the AWB Spanish network on Facebook. You may see others by searching #MiCielodeNoche

You may also submit your own photo-story as a private message to that page. The prize? Our gratitude,and knowing that many may be inspired by your words and pics.



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