Cassi Uberty


The 8 inch Orion Dobsonian Telescope was the star of the Global Star Party held last night at The Lovin' Cup Bistro by R.I.T. in Rochester, NY. The beautiful clear night allowed everyone to see closeups of the Moon and the moons of Jupiter. I shared about my membership in Astronomers Without Borders and the events they create every year and also discussed Light Pollution, a peronal passion.

Cora Treoir Duncan and I enjoyed interacting the public and friends who traveled far t...o join us. New pals Brooke Menikheim and Heidi Menikheim drove in from Syracuse and shared commmon interests. Wiley Jobe also stopped by to shoptalk Astronomy Mechanics and help us break down. It was a pleasure seeing everybody. Thanks to Eric and Andrew of Lovin' Cup for hosting us in their courtyard patio.

Let's Keep Looking Up!


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    In 2009 I heard about AWB and needed to be part of this wonderful organization. Over the years I have made many friends that were affiliated with AWB. I do my best to help spread the vision of AWB. I will always be proud to be part of AWB and will try my best to make it the best it can be.


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