We are actively preparing the worldwide celebration Yuri's Night, remembering the adventure of the first man who went to space.

We plan two days for that celebration:

  1. April 12, 2016 at Bon Repos (near Port-au-Prince): It is a 2 part party. The first one with chilfren from a primary school (at 10 :00 AM) where space cartoons and Yuri Gagarine video will be projected. Followed by games and drink. We will have the chance to have an international journalist with us for this part of the event. - On the afternoon (5:00 PM), we will be meeting with reginal members of the association and interrested persons to celebrate the event still with space video and drinks.
  2. April 14, 2016 at Deschapelles (artibonite Region): a special episode on the basic astronomiy radio show will be held. This astronomy show, called "Astronomie en Equilibre" has been launched since february 2016 with the help of Astronomers Without Borders throu the BIG project. This show will be reachable regionally at 90.9 FM and via Youtube ( . We plan to have in this show special guests like old persons who were young at that time and followd via media the event (1961 or 1969). - At 8: 00 PM after the radio show, we will be meeting with members, friends, guests at the "Gallerie d'Art de Deschapelles" to continue the celebration with Gagarine videos and some drink.

To have a global idea of our plan for Yuri's Night in Haiti this year, feel free to visit the special dedicated page on our Blog: 


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