Sahda Haroon


I would like to share what I think on dreaming big!

I believe in going to Mars and I wish to be among the first ones to get there. Remember that it is always you who have to choose your dream. There is always something that interests you and you have to work towards it, inspiring people along the way. Let us start as students and end up serving the human race.


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    About Me

    The night sky has always fascinated me. A picture of the Milky Way is where my dream of being an astronaut had begun. On my 11th birthday I was surprised with a Celestron telescope, after a little practise on the telescope I started turning my attention to planets and my first one was The red planet, Mars. Recently I saw Jupiter too. The more I use my telescope the more I want to go out there!


    Location:AL Nakheel, Ras AL Khaimah
    United Arab Emirates (the)
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