Sahda Haroon


Then I got to visit the Sharjah center for astronomy and space sciences at Sharjah, UAE, where I met an astronomer named Ahmed whose words inspired me too. He told “so I’m an astronomer and you are an astronaut. Hoping to see you up there” Then I got to meet Astronaut Chris Hadfield who really helped me along my way to success, by providing me and the other aspiring astronaut in the world with videos of living in zero G, that really helped. I met him after his talk in Dubai about his journey. The most inspiring part was when he gave me his watch and the people around were like “wow”(I gave it back). He then signed a headshot for me and he wished me luck on my path to be an astronaut. At the same event I got to meet MR. Ibrahim along with MR. Saeed and MR. Saud (whom I already met before). They work for MBRSC.  I enjoyed talking to them. That was the most recent event in my journey. And I hope there is more to come!


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    About Me

    The night sky has always fascinated me. A picture of the Milky Way is where my dream of being an astronaut had begun. On my 11th birthday I was surprised with a Celestron telescope, after a little practise on the telescope I started turning my attention to planets and my first one was The red planet, Mars. Recently I saw Jupiter too. The more I use my telescope the more I want to go out there!


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