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Global Starparty
On saturday 9th, I went to a village called Forville, not too far from Namur, in Belgium. The Astronamur astronomy club had its Global Stargazing night organized right around the corner from their premisses, on a football field. Very good weather, a bit cold and a great crescent Moon. We tried our various equipment, listened to advices, saw the occultation of a magnitude 7 star , by the Moon, observed Saturn and Messier  objects. I used my Dobson Orion SkyQuest xx12. What is very useful is the proximity between a room and a field. We didn't have much visitors, however.

Lunar Week:
During the Week, the Moon changed phases day by day and from the garden, it was quite a show (Canon 450D with Apex Orion 90mm..

This sunday, I went to a castle at Céroux, near Ottignies, where the inhabitants were opening their doors to  visitors. The Club d'Astronomie d'Ottignies-Louvain-La-Neuve (CAO) had a stand and we showed the Sun during the day (last night, we showed the Moon and Saturn to a group for whom it was a discovery). Today, many children and adults could gaze at the Sun which had lots of activity. My friend Ashraf's 80ED with a mylar filter and my Personal Solar Telescope were constantly used for Sun gazing! Luckily, this afternoon, the Sun was mostly present (lots of other activities were going on around us).


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