Back in October 2009, inspired by the July celebrations for the first Moon landing, I started my research on earth-moon-earth technology (EME), determined to make an art project with it. My mind was overwhelmed by listening for the first time to sounds that bounced off the moon's surface, their distortion being so evocative of the long journey made by the radio waves from the Earth to the Moon and back! I imagined how images and colors would look like after bouncing off the Moon's surface and that's when OPTICKS and my collaboration with the CAMRAS team began.

The enthusiasm for our new discoveries - apparently nobody bounced images off the Moon before us! - made the process of creating and performing OPTICKS an amazing experience for all of us involved and being able to share that excitement with the rest of the world in occasion of the Global Astronomy Month 2011 was our best reward for the hard work. The live webcast from Dwingeloo radio telescope introduced the Lunar week bringing back from the Moon images of colors and art works after a journey of 800.000 kilometres. Two others from 'Astronomers Without Borders' joined the Dwingeloo team and myself for this exceptional event, Deirdre Kelleghan and Marty Quinn added new and unexpected layers to the project which keeps expanding internationally. The AWB motto 'One People One Sky' seems to match the spirit of collaboration generated by OPTICKS and more in general by the dialogue between Art and Science.

Some Moonbounced images from the Opticks event for GAM2011:

Opticks Logo

Opticks Colour Red

Opticks Colour Blue

Opticks Colour Yellow

Drawing by Deirdre Kaleghan

Drawing by Deirdre Kaleghan

Drawing by a child

Drawing by a child

Drawing by a child

Drawing by a child

GAM 2011 logo

Yuri's Night Logo

Universe Awareness Logo

Radio Station in Brazil

Radio Station in Dwingeloo


Daniela De Paulis is an artist working with video, installation, sound and performance. She has been an active practitioner since 2001 and working on several projects, often in collaboration with other artists, scientists and radio amateurs.

Daniela studied Fine Arts at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Rome and graduated in Painting; however the confined and solitary studio work soon proved to be a limitation to her artistic practice rather than enhancing it. In 2003 she completed a Master Degree in Fine Arts at the University of Plymouth and since 2005, been lecturing in Art & Design.

Participated in several artists residencies programs, including HIAP in Finland and Kaus Australis in The Netherlands, she have shown her work in the UK, Italy, The Netherlands, France, Bulgaria, Finland and Brazil.

Daniela currently a PhD student at Leiden University, developing her ongoing research on the connection between Art and Science.



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