2 - 3 April 2011, is the date on which the whole community in the world can play an active role and participate in events celebrating the Global Astronomy Month (GAM).  During the month of April, many events that we can follow, one of them is  on april 2-3 with the theme of Saturn Watch. We can participate by collecting friends, family or group astronomy you to get together to observe Saturn and share experiences that day with the general public.


Jakarta Amateur Astronomers Association (HAAJ) Day of the same participated in the celebration after the regular meeting of the 7th, with a discussion of our galaxy is the Milky Way with the speaker Annisa Noor Hidayanti (Anis). Student majoring in physics UI is to share his knowledge about our galaxy ... Including the latest info about the info-object ... The enthusiasm of the participants are seen when the question and answer session took place. With the help of the managers and supervisors HAAJ, every question answered capable of properly.


There was a special on December 2 in addition to warnings of Global Astronomy Month. Right on 2 April, last chairman of the Jakarta Amateur Astronomers Association  (HAAJ) Mr. ian (Tersia Marsiano) birthday at the age of 33 th. Alm. Has left us all since last december . After praying together for the deceased led by Mr. Rayhan, Dessy further charge of meeting the opportunity to publish the picture is the scene on super moon. This session Dessy told how the retrieval of data only use camera cell phone... What tools are needed to support a good image results, were also presented during this session. In accordance with today's theme, and participants HAAJ regular meeting time together - just make observations using a sky watcher telescope to see Saturn of the object as he filled sheet worksheet You Are Galileo and also watching Saturn movies.

Yup, it’s time to become sky gazer... ^ ^


- Regards Astronomy -


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    I am a student of medical university in Indonesia and also incorporated in jakarta amateur astronomy association. I am interested in astronomy and learn how the environment in the universe with basic science astrobiology.


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