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Telescopes to Tanzania -- The Journey Continues

“Education is the path to a bright future”
This is the passion of the people of Tanzania.  It is also our passion as we prepare to journey to Tanzania for four weeks this fall.  We believe that the children and young adults of this small country in the horn of Africa have the capacity to learn and grow to become the future teachers, scientists, and leaders in their nation, Africa, and the world.

Tanzania is one of the poorest countries in the world and currently the teaching capacity is limited by a lack of basic resources like text books and laboratory equipment.  We have seen astronomy taught without telescopes, chemistry without labs, geography without maps. 

 We are currently working with others to develop the ways and means to build teaching and learning capacities in many areas including math, chemistry, and biology. This year we are focusing on telescopes and astronomy as a hands-on approach to math, physics, geography, and the study of the universe.

In November 2012, we will be teaching 80 Secondary and Elementary teachers at the Mwangaza Partnership for Education Center in Arusha, Tanzania for two weeks.  With the help of partners like you, we will be able to take basic science equipment and prepare teachers to use the resources we bring.  Developing this capacity for teaching will make a difference to thousands of students.

This is where you come in.  The cost for each teacher will be $125 dollars for one week of room and board.  We are asking that you, your astronomy society, a local school, church, other group consider sponsoring one or more teachers for a whole week of training and learning.   Or help us purchase equipment.  For $170 we can obtain two MIRA 80mm Alt Az Telescopes  through  Astronomers Without Borders.

No one can do it alone.  We are working with ALCon2012, the Galileo Teacher Training Program, Global Hands on Universe, Universe Aware for Young Children, and Astronomers without Borders to build the capacity of the teachers and schools in Tanzania.

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Sue and Chuck Ruehle


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