Support Astronomers Without Borders while launching a satellite for everyone

As SkyCube's Kickstarter campaign draws to a close, AWB's participation has ended so that we can be sure all the funds provided by our supports is placed in the Kickstarter campaign in time.  If you'd like to participate and it is not yet 7.00 UT on 12 September then go to make your pledge.

Watch for news about SkyCube from Southern Stars and AWB.

SkyCube is a nano-satellite that lets YOU take Earth images and "tweet" from space.  Astronomers Without Borders is partnering with Southern Stars, developers of the popular SkySafari apps for Apple and Android devices, to help put SkyCube in orbit.  AWB will have its own programs using SkyCube's messaging and imaging capabilities to connect our members around the world.  Near the end of its mission, SkyCube will inflate a balloon, creating a new, temporary first magnitude "star" that we can observe together, wherever we are around the world.  It's a perfect way to look up and share what we see across borders.


And here's more good news about SkyCube

Southern Stars will donate half of proceeds raised through AWB back to AWB programs (after benefits to donors).  You get the same use of the satellite AND support AWB at the same time.

But you have to act fast!
There is a September 12 deadline for the crowdsourcing campaign for SkyCube that AWB is helping.

Launch a satellite, send messages from space, take pictures of Earth, and create global AWB programs.
Are you ready to launch?

More on SkyCube and Southern Stars

The donation schedule, with the benefits for each level, is below.
SkyCube/AWB donations are currently accepted through PayPal only.
You do NOT have to have a PayPal account to use your credit card to donate to SkyCube/AWB.
Note: Sponsorships will be refunded if the campaign fails to meet its funding goal by Sep 12.

Questions?  Contact us.

The SkyCube Kickstarter campaign has now ended.  Watch for news about SkyCube from Southern Stars and AWB.