April 20th has been designated as the "World Night" in defence of the Night Sky and the Right to Observe the Stars as a cultural, scientific and environmental humankind heritage.

Every year on April 20th we remind ourselves of the need to preserve our right to view a dark night sky full of stars and to take steps to prevent its disappearance.

World Night on April 20th is an opportunity to get actively involved in many ways:

  • Switch-off unnecessary lights at night to recover the stars and at the same time save energy and slow down climate change.
  • Organize artistic events or competitions related to astronomical themes.
  • Offer night sky viewing through telescopes.
  • Provide media coverage and public talks by astronomers and dark skies advocates.
  • Identify local areas that warrant dark skies protection.
  • Advocate for local dark sky ordinances.
  • And, in particular, organize events in which children can participate. Our capacity to maintain the right to observe stars is in their hands; it should be the right of future generations.

This year, World Night in Defense of the Starlight falls within Astronomy Week 2010 and Global Astronomy Month 2010.

See the World Night web site for more information. Celebrate World Night during GAM to help promote dark skies awareness and responsible lighting.