GAM 2017 Blog

By Johannes Stübler

We all are sitting in the same spaceship called Earth. Fragile and vulnerable, covered by a thin atmosphere which protects us from space.

If mankind will survive we have to burst all limits and have to leave sometimes our spaceship Earth and we have to learn to deal with the conditions of deep space. Personally I belive that life is an universal phenomenon. The myriad of suns, stars and, as we know today, planets don't make me belive we are the one and only in our universe. Even we are really unique in our universe the more we have the damned obligation to put ourself out for keeping this life going on. All our strength, our knowledge and creativity should be focused on this goal. We all know that life on Earth has an expiration date bound to the life circle of our sun. Long before the hydrogen reserves are over mankind must have done the transfer to space and has to overcome the last frontiers. Beside this last final border we have limited resources and we have to open up new resources which are surley outside of our planet. We must explore our neighbourhood, our solarsystem and later the deep space beyond.

We can do this, but only together. Already today we should work on this from generation to generation we have to pool our forces to reach tis goal, instead of daily redrawing borders and to battle each other. “One People, One Sky“ can be a survival strategy for the future. So the idea of Astronomers Without Borders and “One People, One Sky“ is not only a slogan – it's much more a mission, it can be a kind of philosophy, and a timeless survival strategy for our mankind - worth to be lived – today and now. It pays to encourage and enspire young people every time and everywhere. They are the ones who hold our fortune and the future of our mankind in their hands. GAM is a good chance to do this! A good idea needs no missionary zeal but only people who will understand the mission "One People, One Sky“ and who are willing to break down borders in their daily life. The possible success can come by itself :-)




joeJoe Stübler Living in Linz/AUSTRIA (called "Keplertown- Linz", because the famous astronomer Johannes Kepler was living and working in Linz during 1612-1626). Being an amateur astronomer for over 35 years, with extreme desire to network with amateur astronomers and even professionals all over the world, I am totally dedicated to the idea and mission of Astronomers Without Borders and trying to live this idea and mission in my daily astronomical life and work.