1 The Changing Face of Astronomy MIKE SIMMONS Founder, President, Astronomers Without Borders.
2 Try Astronomy! NICOLE GUGLIUCCI Postdoctoral astronomer, educator, CosmoQuest.
3 Lessons on Astronomy for Development KEVIN GOVENDER Director, IAU Office of Astronomy for Development.
4 Flying Telescopes? THIJS KOUWENHOVEN Professor, Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics, Peking University.
5 A Science Campaign in India AJAY TALWAR TWAN photographer, India.
6 Musings on the 75th Anniversary of McDonald Observatory SANDRA PRESTON Assistant Director, Education and Outreach, McDonald Observatory.
7 Linked with Light KIMBERLY K. ARCAND Visualization lead, NASA Chandra X-ray Observatory.
8 Sharing the Sky DAVID LEVY Astronomer, author, editor of Sky's Up!
9 Developing Low Cost Tools for Astronomy in India SAMIR DHURDE SciPop outreach program, Inter-University Centre for Astronomy & Astrophysics (IUCAA), Pune, India.
10 Astronomers Without Borders Activities in Nigeria OLAYINKA FAGBEMIRO National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA), Abuja, Nigeria. National Coordinator, AWB,UNAWE.
11 Share the beauty of the stars with children HATIM MADANI AWB, UNAWE National Coordinator, Morocco.
12 Space, The Shared Frontier RON GARAN Astronaut, entrepreneur.
13 Under a Blood Red Moon NANCY ALIMA ALI Public Programs, Multiverse at the Space Sciences Lab, University of California, Berkeley.
14 Astronomer As A Choice for Children Future Dream AVIVAH YAMANI Astronomer, blogger, writer, science communicator.
15 Communication challenges MEGAN ARGO Radio astronomer.
16 Telescopes in Exotic Places EDWARD GOMEZ Astronomer, Las Cumbres Observatory.
17 5 Coolest Features of Distro Astro, Linux for Astronomers BAMM GABRIANA Project leader and lead developer, Distro Astro.
18 Hooked on Training Teachers at McDonald Observatory KEELY FINKELSTEIN Astronomer, educator, University of Texas, Austin.
19 Losing the Dark SCOTT KARDEL Managing Director, International-Dark-Sky Association.
20 Dark Matters DR. STEN ODENWALD Astronomer, educator, National Institute of Aerospace, NASA/Goddard.Leads the Astronomy Café.
21 Science Outreach through Astrobiology HENNA KHAN Founder, Universe Simplified.
22 The IAU Office for Astronomy Outreach SZE-LEUNG CHEUNG Coordinator, IAU Office for Astronomy Outreach, Tokyo, Japan.
24 Life Lessons from Astronomy REINA REYES Assistant professor, Ateneo de Manila University. Research scientist, Manila Observatory, Philippines.
25 Real Data, Real Science - Driving the Dish ROBERT HOLLOW Education and outreach specialist, CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science.
26 Solar Eclipse Education in the Faroe Islands DR. GEOFF SIMS Astronomer, astrophotographer, eclipse chaser.
27 Making Memories: Supporting Astronomy Outreach DR. MONICA YOUNG Web editor, Sky & Telescope magazine.
28 Universe in a Box: a Global Educational Resource ABI ASHTON UNAWE - Universe in a Box.
29 IAU astroEDU: an open-access platform for peer-reviewed astronomy education activities THILINA HEENATIGALA Assistant editor, IAU astroEDU. Communication coordinator, Galileo Teacher Training Program.
30 Closing Thoughts on GAM 2014 CHRISTIE MCMONIGAL Coordinator, GAM 2014.