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For MoonWatch, let's observe the phases and some features of the Moon. 

You can use naked eye observations, look through binoculars, or a telescope. Understanding Moon Phases is a great place to start appreciating the Moon!

Make sure you share your experience with the world on Facebook or the Flickr group and Tweet using #GAM2013 and/or #MoonWatch hashtag (@gam_awb).

The Discover the COSMOS Challenge is a great opportunity, open to teachers, trainers, and students from all over the world. Read more.

Check the dates and times of the Moon phases at your location


Phase / Feature

3 April 3rd Quarter
7 to 8 April Waning Crescent
10 April New Moon
12 to 14 April


13 to 15 April Waxing Crescent
18 April 1st Quarter and Hunt for Lunar X 
21 to 22 April Waxing Gibbous
25 April

Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse Watch

29 April Waning Gibbous