April 2013 Online observing

Join these fabulous live online observing events from the Virtual Telescope in Italy, hosted by Dr. Gianluca Masi!

Participation is easy. Go to The Virtual Telescope's WebTV on the date and time of the event.  

 17 April, 18:00 UT (Rescheduled) - Messier Marathon: Almost 100 of the night sky's highlights, in one night!

18 April, 19:00 UT - Walking on the Moon: Journey to Earth's nearest neighbor in space. 

20 April, 21:00 UT - Stars for All: Join the Global Star Party! We'll tour the sky and discuss constellations, planets, and more. 

27 April - 22:00 UT - Around the Ringed Planet: Saturn, its magnificent rings, and its moons. 

30 April - 19:30 UT - Cosmic Depths: To say goodbye to Global Astronomy Month,  we will run a special event, traveling across space and time, leaving the Earth for the Moon, galaxies and the most distant objects in the Universe.


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