The GAM2013 AstroPoetry Contest is always exciting. Submissions were accepted between April 1st and May 1st, 11:59pm PST.  All entries received are currently being reviewed. Thank you for your participation! We will contact the winners of the contest soon. Check back soon to review the winning entries after they have been selected!

Also, check out the CosmoPoetry Challenge, via the Societatea Astronomica Romana de Meteori in Romania!

There are three categories:

1. Children grades 1-6

2. Children & Young Adults grades 7-12

3. Open (Adults)

To be judged in the contest, poems must be in English. If the poem was originally written in another language, the original may be included for reference along with the English version, if the poet so desires.


Poems may be on any astronomy, night sky, or space-related subject.


Poems may be in any style or form. It is preferred that they be less than 30 lines in length.


The contest winners will be chosen by a panel of judges. Prizes to be announced later.


Read the winning poems from 2012


Share a line of your poem with or without an image on Facebook or Tweet using #GAM2013 (@gam_awb).