April 27, 2013Saturn Watch

It’s time to welcome back Saturn, the Lord of the Rings! Wherever you are in the world, you can be a Saturn Watcher. Observe the ringed planet with friends, family, or amateur astronomers from your local astronomy club.


Pointing out Saturn to people passing by on the sidewalk is a fun activity. Or, set up telescopes in public to share those breathtaking views of Saturn with others. Want to stay home? Be sure to take part in Around the Ringed Planet, the GAM online observing event. Afterward, share the pictures, stories, or poems you create from the event with others on the AWB web site. It’s all about sharing!

For beginners, Sky & Telescope has a great Guide to Observing Saturn.

Saturn has moons that are seen through an eyepiece. You can track the paths of Saturn’s inner moons.    

For teachers and outreach, NASA has great resources, such as Saturn in Your Kitchen and Backyard and the Cassini Kids Space 

Share your SaturnWatch images of outreach or Saturn-photography with us via Facebook or the Flickr group or Tweet using #GAM2013 and/or #SaturnWatch (@gam_awb). 

The Discover the COSMOS Challenge is a great opportunity, open to teachers, trainers, and students from all over the world. Read more.

Check out our Observing Resources and People with Disabilities Astronomy Resources.


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