The GAM 2012 Dark Skies Awareness Blog (GAM DSA Blog) brings you thoughts and programs on increasing awareness of the need for preserving our dark skies and improving conditions in light polluted areas.

May 3 By Bob Gent Back to the GAM DSA Blog 2012's Global Astronomy Month has ended, but the Dark Skies Awareness Blog will continue. Guest Blogger Bob Gent shares his story of fighting light pollution.

April 17 By Mario E Motta, M.D Back to the GAM DSA Blog Many are well aware of the various non medical problems associated with light pollution, such as energy waste, sky glow, and environmental impact.

April 6, 2012 By Scott Kardel Back to the GAM DSA Blog Gobal Astronomy Month is not only a time to share and enjoy the night sky. It is also a time to learn about how to save it. The stars above are vanishing behind the glow of civilization and for the first time in human history most people do not live where they can see the Milky Way.