The Virtual Telescope will be available at no cost on several days during April for personal day-time and night-time observing! An astronomer will be onsite to provide assistance and give live commentary through audio/video streaming. While one participant controls the telescope and camera, others can watch the live stream and discuss the event through chatting. Take part in GAM by connecting your computer with the Virtual Telescope and find discover the Universe for yourself!

The Universe at Your Command supports the goals of GAM and AWB by showing people the huge potential of remote observing, not only as an observational tool but also as a meeting place for people from around the globe, regardless of cultural, physical or political borders.

Dates: 1-30 April 2010
Time: 24 hours every day

Up to 30 minutes of observing time will be available for each user. In order to allow for worldwide participation, a limit will be placed on requests from each country.

For more information go to the Virtual Telescope's The Universe at Your Command web page.