Each day during Global Astronomy Month 2012 - 30 days throughout April - the GAM Blog presents a new blogger from around the world.

From amateurs to astronauts, from local activists to famous bloggers, from countries and cultures around the world, the GAM Blog covers topics as diverse as GAM itself, and the astronomy community that takes part.

April 25 By Ron Garan Back to the GAM Blog In an interview with musician Peter Gabriel he described the inspiration that led him to write the song "Downside Up". He imagined that he was laying in a field on a clear night looking up at the infinite stars, in a moment he was transformed from looking up at the stars to being above them looking down at an ocean of stars.

April 24 By Oana Sandu Back to the GAM Blog What’s your birthday wish?

April 23 By Lara Albanese Back to the GAM Blog In Touch with the Sky A meadow, the sun and—above it all—blue sky.  Every night, stars shine upon every human being on Earth—and it does not matter if he or she is an adult or child, rich or poor, happy or sad, careful or not, or living in town or countryside

April 22 By Avivah Yamani Back to the GAM Blog In recent days, the way people communicate has changed. We still have the traditional way of communication, but along with it the digital world brought people into a new way of communication through social networking.

April 21 By Robert Hollow Back to the GAM Blog I'm currently in Cairns in tropical north Queensland where I have just finished running a two day weekend workshop for local high school science teachers on the effective teaching of astronomy. Why Cairns?