Walk-By Astronomy - Baharia Town Karachi

Imran Rasheed
30 April 2017
Time: 17:30 until 21:30
Keeping track of the sky was vital for ascertaining the seasons before the invention of calendars and clocks. Different civilisations over the course of history have kept track of movements of celestial bodies and recorded several supernovae and comets, signifying their obsession with the heavens above.
In this workshop, an introduction to astronomy will be provided. Participants will be given an overview of the sky, how to navigate with the help of stars in absence of compass and other instruments, what’s out there to see in the sky, why the sky is divided into different constellations, finding your approximate location on earth and time by looking at the sky, and all you want to know about the stars.

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Bilal Karim Mughal


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Baharia Town Karachi