Astroart Contest, Astropoetry contest,SUNDay,Earth Day,Yuri's Night,Aryabhatta celebration,Globe at night

11 April 2018 to 30 April 2018
Time: 9 until 22

SunDay-Students will observe the sun using safe solar observation methods and will be taught about the facts associated with it.
Earth Day- Students will celebrate the event by writing slogans, making cards and discussing the importance of preserving our mother Earth.
Yuri's Night-Students will celebrate the flight of first man in space-Yuri Gagarin, by writing messages and watching his life events.
Aryabhatta Celebration-Students will make satellites from best out of waste and will be discussed about India's first artificial satellite.
Globe at night-students will submit their observation about night sky brightness and the impact of light pollution.
Lunar Exploration-Students will observe and identify the lunar features.
Astropoetry contest-Students will submit poems on astronomy/space related theme.
Astroart Contest-Students will submit paintings on astronomy/space related theme.

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Pooja Tiwari

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SPACE India-KR Mangalam World School, Gurugram E-Block, South City 1, Gurugram,122003