Global Star Party for GAM 2015

Leus Elena
04 April 2015
Time: 21.30 until 23.00

This evening (subject to clear weather) telescope owners will make their instruments on an area of the City Palace of children and teenagers. On this site will be gathered amateur and professional telescope Omsk. Fans of astronomy and telescopes owners offered to all comers to take a look at the starry sky, tell me about what they watch: The moon will be visible in the full moon, Venus and Jupiter.

Omsk will be able to touch the mysteries of the starry sky. Display space objects through the telescope will be accompanied by commentary amateur astronomers with experience of 5-10 years of observations. They can be found on the relevant icon curators of the project.

There will be astronomical competitions among young adults and Omsk with the award of astronomical prizes.

Who does not have telescopes are welcome to participate in the organization of the project, and assistance in the field.

All the details on the event page on the social network "VKontakte" at and blog


Contact Details:

Krupko Vladimir, Leus Elena, Smolyankina Olga

+79136519917, +79136236182

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644033, Russia, Omsk region, Omsk, str. Krasniy Put, 155