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Margasus What would Pegasus, the winged horse, look like in Mars atmosphere? Tech data - A) Mars - Aeolian Dune Monitoring Site (ESP_014413_2065) Lat: 26.1° Long: 57°. B) Maths - From Viviani’s figure eight shaped space curve — the intersection of a sphere with a cylinder tangent to the sphere and that passes through the center of the sphere. In 1737, the Church allowed Galileo to be reburied in a grave funded by Viviani. Viviani’s own remains were moved to Galileo’s new grave as well. The lunar crater Viviani is named after him. The cave of a 1000 treasures Hidden (mathematical) treasures in a cave-like environment Tech data - A) Mars - Light-Toned Deposits in Noctis Labyrinthus (ESP_014353_1685) Lat: -11.2° Long: 261.8°. B) Maths - Lissajous figures are waveform graph that arise by superposition of harmonic oscillations. Lissajous curves have applications in physics, astronomy, and other sciences. The odd frontier The arid landscape and color scheme remind me of Hebert’s planet Arrakis. The original picture was taken from 157.8 miles above. Tech data - A) Mars - USGS Dune Database Entry Number 3327-692 (ESP_014298_1105) Lat: -69.2° Long: 332.8°. B) Maths - Trefoil knots. The trefoil knot are considered nontrivial. It is impossible to “untie” a trefoil knot in three dimensions without cutting it. Dream-catchers Alternate habitat for a dreamcatcher colony. Those who witnessed dreamcatcher occurrences on this planet will understand... Tech data - A) Mars-Shield Volcano with a Summit Caldera (ESP_016173_2005) Lat: 20.1° Long: 250.3°. B) Maths - Variation... Read More..