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Astronomy enthusiasts love to share their passion for astronomy with others, and to encourage others to make the night sky a part of their lives. Resource-sharing programs provide the opportunity to share knowledge, experience, digital materials, printed matter, equipment, and more. Whether it’s basic necessities for astronomy clubs, materials for schools in need, or sharing the experiences of different cultures, we all have resources that are treasures to others.

Latest News

Nov 05

Puerto Rico Education Boost Update

AWB Communications

We just received word from the Instituto Nueva Escuela (INE) in Puerto Rico that helps the schools. We sent 20 OneSky telescopes, David Chandler Company, Inc . planispheres, and other...

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Oct 12

Telescopes to Tanzania Update: The MMAO Observatory

Kai Staats

Since the last update on December 15, 2017, there is much to tell about the Mt. Meru Astronomical Observatory. Thank you for your patience and steadfast interest in this important...

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May 14

Astronomers Without Borders and Ciencia Puerto Rico Boost STEM Education in Puerto Rico

AWB Communications

SAN JUAN, PR – Starting this summer, children from all over Puerto Rico will be able to explore space from their own schools' backyards. The non-profit organization Astronomers Without Borders...

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Apr 12

Space Station Cosmonauts Share the Sky with US Classrooms

Students from Bozeman High School in Bozeman, Montana got a chance to make a real cosmic call and speak with Russian cosmonauts living, working and doing research aboard the International...

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Dec 15

Telescopes to Tanzania Update: Construction Continues

by Kai Staats

The Telescopes to Tanzania observatory project at Mt. Meru, Tanzania is enjoying accelerated progress. Construction is coming right along with the foundation, walls, and roll-off-roof piers in place. The roll-off...

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Dec 01

Super Moon Sighting Activity

Sideways Moon / Sideways Earth See how the moon seems to turn its face the sky during the night. Thanks to our friends at the Astronomical League and John Goss,...

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