Winners of 2015 GAM Astropoetry Contest - Young Adult Category

Jul 01

The Young Adult category features the works from young poets from grades 7 - 12. Here are the winners:

First Place


by Julia Theiss
, Woodbury, MN, USA

A science class of curious kids Has just walked in the door,

A solemn, shadowed entrance Sits on the gym’s tile floor.
A girl of ten now wonders, as

She sees new night above,

What stars and spaces in between Might hold for her to love.
Above the sound of rushing air that fills the big black dome, Tales of stars fill eager
minds While eager eyes do roam:
Exploring stars and distant lands Young minds do travel on; Imagination’s spaceship, proud
To live outside the dawn.
Within this cave so wonder-full The outside world’s forgot,

As myth and truth concurrently Is in the Star Lab taught.
The next new group of scientists And authors too, are born,

In this small simple piece of space With pinpoint stars adorned.


Second Place


by Francisco José Pinto Pires, 
Vila Real, Portugal

On moonlit nights, Nobody is alone. Nobody is poor. We are rich.
We have the Moon and our shadow.


Third Place


Edgardo X
 ,Fort Worth, Texas.

A father & daughter.

Brought close together.

The Earth, dying..nears itself to everlasting darkness.

Tears, after painfully breaking the shackles of love.

The father must save the world. By wandering the unknown.

As the father wanders in the ocean of darkness. His daughter struggles to understand the situation. As the father wanders the shores of stars.

His daughter, not a child anymore, turns midaged. The father, now weeps and cries over years of messages.

Messages of her elderly daughter, and the dying Earth.

The father can't send a message back. transcends time, & space.

The father, now lost, wanders deeper into the unknown.

He closes his eyes. Takes a deep, silent breath. And wanders beyond infinity.

Forever wandering the realm of infinitude.

As he wanders. Now an old man.

Light pours into his small space shuttle. Into his eyes..

He rages..and rages.. against the dying.. of the light."


Honourable Mention

Moon & Stars

by Noopur Vats
, New Delhi, India

Moon & Stars come at night,

They are so beautiful & bright. Jupiter, Mars, Earth, Uranus, Saturn, Mercury, Neptune, Venus.
If you want to be an Astronaut,

You will like Astronomy a lot.

Sun has hot gases & it is so hot,

From far away it looks like dot.

Stars are beautiful and Stars are bright, Stars shine uo throughout the night. There are so many phases of moon,

We can see them at night but not at noon.
The only star in our solar system is Sun, Seeing it with telescope is so much fun. In Universe there are many galaxies,

We can go there by rockets not by Taxis


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