Winners of 2015 GAM Astropoetry Contest - Children's Category

Jul 01

The Children's Category are poems that are written by children who are from Grade 1 - 6. Here are our winners this year:

First Place

The Moon

by Isabelle Byren
, Stockholm, Sweden

The moon is so big,

It shines more than the starlight, It is not a sun


Second Place


by Emilia Russell Blom
, Stockholm, Sweden

I see something in the sky, suddenly it's racing by.

I realise that it's glittering, and many are flickering.
There are thousands that I see, up above the oak tree.

Then I wish upon a star, hoping that it will go far.


Third Place

by Mohd. Ashaz 
New Delhi, India

 In the endless space, hang a cluster of stars, Twinkling with the notes of God's guitar.

And a silver moon slowly peeps,

With rocks and craters quite too deep.
A ball of fire rolls on all days,

Making sure to give all its rays,

To birds and animals living happily on land, The green trees and lovely deserts of sand.
These miracles make up the mother earth, The only planet supporting life in the universe.


Honorable Mention

Gravity is a Force.

by Grim Immelsjo
, Stockholm, Sweden

Gravity is a force.

Asteroids are minor planets.

Large groups of stars builds up the universe. Andromeda is the major nearest galaxy.

X-ray is used to discover planets and to see what there are made of.

Young gamers will be needed in space to understand the new technology.


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