Star Party Nights

Feb 04


Mysterious folks
with telescopes,
rarely seen in bright daylight,
appear on lawns
as the sun goes down
waiting patiently for the night.

They gather in groups
with gear to spare,
telescopes aiming so high.
Their passion great
as they share the view
of stars moving across the sky,

Iridium flares or meteorites
bring drama to star party nights.
A star cluster found,
a comet observed...
Amateur astronomers’
true delight.

As the sun sets over the hills behind Griffith Observatory, the Los Angeles Astronomical Society sets up telescopes for a public star party. Society member Luis Ashelford's antique Alvan Clark refractor is seen in silhouette in the foreground.


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    Mike Simmons

    I'm president of Astronomers Without Borders.

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