Cosmic Web

Jun 13
by Harley White

 HarleyWhiteCosmicWeb 800

A cosmic web that worlds unite
in outer space has come to light.
Astronomers will have their say
about this bridge so far away,
uncovered through antennal might.

My fancies take poetic flight
in great beyond’s unfathomed height
to thus envisage holding sway
a cosmic web. 

Mankind sleeps on within the night
of dark delusion’s blinding plight,
though all seems fused in vast ballet
where human dance comes into play…
When will we see with lumined sight
a cosmic web?

~ Harley White

* * * * * * * * *

The poem is a rondeau ~ a short poem of fixed form, consisting of 13 lines (plus the phrase twice) on two rhymes and having the opening words or phrase used in two places as an unrhymed refrain.

Some sources of inspiration derived from the following images and articles, among others…

Cosmic bridge of radio waves provides first evidence of magnetic fields between galaxy clusters…

Giant ‘thread’ of radio emissions found linking galaxy clusters…

Astronomers Discover A Magnetic Ridge 10 Million Light-Years Long Between Two Galaxy Clusters…

Image in articles shows the following ~ A bridge of radio-emitting plasma connects two galaxy clusters in a filament of the cosmic web.

Image for posting due to copyright concerns ~ “A cosmic kaleidoscope”, which has a somewhat similar look and is free to use…

Posted image credit ~ NASA, ESA, CXC, NRAO/AUI/NSF, STScI, and G. Ogrean (Stanford University) 


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