2018 AstroPoetry Winner - Children’s Category

Jun 20
Bob Eklund, AstroPoetry Blog Editor

Congratulations Entrants


First Place


Hadassah Ogutu, Nairobi,Kenya

The Stars of the Night Sky

Starless night
Darkness around
What a canvas
For the artist delight.

Twinkle twinkle little star
What a gorgeous diamond up in the sky.

Smiling back at me
Is a ball of light
Bright as it’s shine
Like the sun at night.

Darkest is the hour at bay
Before the sun kisses the earth
With its ray
Stars and moon take a bow
As they usher in the day.

Second Place


Lin Shuqing, Wenzhou City, China

The Cowherd and the Weaving Maid

Looking at the sky at night,
the Altair and the Vega shine on both sides of the Milky Way.

In a Chinese legend,
the Cowherd and the Weaving Maid are a couple.
They become stars separated by the Milky Way.

The stars are beautiful,
because they can always tell us many stories.

Third Place


Jhanak Sharma,  New Delhi, India

SuperMom Flying Me To The SuperMoon

On 31st January Two Thousand & Eighteen,
Me and my Mom stood near the India Gate
With a lot many stargazers, curious & keen.

To witness the SuperMoon as it turns blood red,
Something about this blue moon kept all of us awake, off-bed.

Royale & Regal, it stood
Despite an eclipse.
Outshining against the darkness,
Sight was worth every glimpse.

Just like my Mom who fights
Against all odds without fail,
Jumps over deep craters
And walks down bumpy lunar trail.

She rides every tide in her stride,
To fly me to the SuperMooon with pride.
I owe you Mom, my celestial shine,
Every step, every dive and every flight of mine.

For shooting those stars
To carve my dreamy swings,
For blowing those solar winds
To power-up my tender wings.

For plucking asteroids and throwing away,
For me to swift pass the Milky-Way.

I Thank you Mom for holding me to rise above the rest,
To recognise self and realise my best.

Honorable Mention


Ansh Chaudhary, New Delhi, India

My Imaginary Place

Imagine what will it be in space?
Will I live on Mars or on stars?
Will there be robots or Aliens?
What will be my vehicle?
A space car or a bike or a rocket's ride.
What will I play with?
Lego or with cranes, shooting star or a plane?
Will I meet a dragon or a unicorn will it be?
Walking on a travelator or dancing on a space Ranger.
Will there be space ghost or an angel?
Helping me enjoy the world so amazing!
Will I have superpowers, to help the space raise?
Oh what a wonderful place!!!

Honorable Mention


Chen Xiaonan, Wenzhou, China

The Starry Sky

The starry sky is like sand in the desert.
The number is innumerable.
Staring at the sky at night,
Every star is a jewel.

The bright starry sky is like a group of fireflies.
Every one has its own dream.
I'm lying on the meadow at night .
Counting the stars in the sky.
Enjoying the tranquility of the night.


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