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Invest in the future of children's astronomy education in Tanzania!

Help build the Centre for Science Education and Observatory.  Donate now using the button to the right.


In collaboration with UNAWE-Tanzania we are now looking for funds to establish a Centre for Science. This project is also a recommended project of the IAU-OAD and has thus been placed on its wish list. In June 2014, individuals will gather in Usa River (near Arusha, Tanzania) to prepare a Space Science model for advancing the development of inquiry based science education in Tanzania based on the current national curriculum. The gathering will include District Education officers from the Ministry of Education, science teachers from public and private schools, scientists, and Astronomy educators. A number of teaching resources,  Nanotarium (a Do-It-Yourself inexpensive planetarium) and E-Science Cafe (bringing together youth astronomy groups via a website and social media), will also be fielded tested for classroom use in Tanzania at this time.


How you can help:

$14,000 (10,000 Euros) are needed to set this project in motion.

One individual has already pledged a start-up fund of $500 ( funds for one participant to attend), will you be the next? Consider funding one more participants, or one of our areas of need (any contribution will be much appreciated!):
Your contribution helps the project with:

  • Resource development materials (ie. Text books, science equipment)
  • Cost for gathering 10 people for 5 days
  • Travel expenses for participants
  • Office and study supplies (postage, paper, copy expenses)
  • Research development, follow up and evaluation costs

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See the full proposal here.
See the people behind the project
An East African Model for Science Education



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