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What IF LogoAWB is partnering with the Ahoora Foundation of Plano, Texas, in the 2013 What If? Prize Competition, which is designed to excite students (grades 9-12) about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.  

The goal of this year’s What If? Live Student Design Challenge is to develop high school students’ creative and analytical abilities by learning about the growing need for green fuels and designing a vehicle propulsion system using commonly available materials, including sweet treats and carbonated beverages.  Students must create a research plan, write a research paper, develop and build the propulsion system, make a video showing the vehicle in action, and submit the video to judges via

Competing teams will design a vehicle propelled by a soda geyser (turning a soda bottle sideways to allow the geyser to propel the vehicle horizontally).  Students will manipulate propulsion variables such as nozzle size and shape, soda type, temperature, and quantity along with variations of sugary additives (candies) in an effort to develop a vehicle that travels the farthest on the soda propulsion system.

Founded by Anousheh Ansari in 2008, each year the What If Prize Competition presents unique space-theme challenges and gives students the opportunity to think, search and write their ideas on how to solve these challenges.  A panel of scientists, astronauts and educators will judge the entries and select finalists.  Winners will be announced in May and receive special recognition from NASA and Ahoora.

To register, submit research, and learn more about vehicle design, the official rules and other information about the What If? Live Student Design Challenge—including a two-minute video of the propulsion system in action—visit:


News & Blog Updates

Erika Blumenfeld: AstroArtist of the Month (Blog 2 of 4)

Erika Blumenfeld Title: Untitled (Antarctica, 30 January 2009, 16:51:41 GMT) Date: 2009 Medium: Archival digital pigment print Size: 40x60 inches (101.6 x 152.4 cm)  Description: In January 2009, Blumenfeld was invited to Antarctica for a six-week artist-in-residence. Living and working...

14 January

Ode to the ISS

We earthbound look up and wave at the light With moments to ponder your circling flight. Observing while floating from gravity free, Humanity hungers to see what you see. Imagining life in a box in the sky as Mechanical, stressful,...

10 January


As a new-born star That is learning to convert Its matter to waves.

06 January

Joy to the Worlds

In each galaxy, A trillion new wonders wait… Joy to all the worlds!   This new NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope image shows the galaxy IC 335 in front of a backdrop of distant galaxies. IC 335 is part of a...

29 December 2014


“Even if things have a given measure, / it is known that their shadow depends on the Sun.” (Zigmund Tauberg) “Who am really I? / Maybe a comet crumbled near the Sun…” (Tit Tihon) “Just our / somnambulistic dreams /...

22 December 2014

Barbara de Ligt (Part 3) - AstroArtist of the Month, December 2014

My newest painting, 80x80 cm, oil on canvas, finished 14 Dec 2014:   Before and after:     Start-up with a sketch on paper, followed by painting the canvas black with 1 acrylic layer and 1 oil layer. After that,...

18 December 2014

To jail on december 14 2014 !,

Hi, Last december 14th, I went to  a prison (Marneffe, Liege province). We were 3 from various clubs (me, Linda and Serge) to pass the checkpoint an go to a place with a noth-west free sky visibiliy (there are lots...

12 January

Erika Blumenfeld: AstroArtist of the Month (Blog 1of 4)

Erika Blumenfeld Title: Light Recording: Spring 2005 Date: 2005 Medium: Chromogenic prints, aluminum panels, laminate Size: 30x40 inches (76.2x101.6 cm)  Description: In Light Recording: Spring 2005, Blumenfeld documented the 93 days between the vernal equinox (March 20, 2005) and...

06 January


Through these haiga (taken at the Priseaca Lake near Targoviste and from the Basarab Bridge in Bucharest) we invite you to visit three celestial-aquatic projects made by SARM: More Than A Folkloric Eclipse Romanian Legendary Rivers Fishing For...

31 December 2014

Even Polaris

Hearing things tonight: At the back of the north wind Something is coming! Behind the north wind All the stars are trembling— Even Polaris.

22 December 2014


The two imagines represent a sunrise in Bucharest (New Times Bridge over the Dambovita River) and a (-5) Gemind fireball taken at Cote 1000, Sinaia, Meridional Carpathians (where Valentin Grigore organized a mini-camp for the observation of the Geminid meteor...

22 December 2014


This haiga around the most beautiful constellation, Orion, represents just the prologue of our invitation to visit the last international superproject made by SARM and Friends (organizers: counselors Valentin Grigore and Arlene Carol, web designer Florin Alexandru Stancu, secretary Alexandru...

18 December 2014