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News & Blog Updates

Yin-Ju Chen - AstroArtist of the Month

This month's AstroArtist is Yin-Ju Chen whose primary medium is video, but her works also includes photos, installations and drawings. In the past few years she has focused on the function of "power" in human society, nationalism, racism, totalitarianism, collective thinking...

10 September

SARM’s Perseid Event 2014 (1)

Valentin Grigore imagined the 22nd edition of SARM’s Perseid Event in two parts: 21 July - 5 August in the Meridional Carpathians, Transylvania province (a mountain camp including a traditional astronomical summer school)   10 August - 20 August around...

10 September

Telescopes to Tanzania - Stretch Goal

Improving science education in Tanzania The Center for Science is a reality! Now we can multiply its impact by adding more ambassadors right away instead of waiting. An additional $17,000 will DOUBLE the number of astronomy/science ambassadors who will: Visit...

04 September

IOAA 2014

  If in the past we made large astro-photo-poetical-chronicles on events organized by the International Astronomical Union and the International Meteor Organization, this time we try a mini…astro-photo-poetical-chronicle about the 8th International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics (with 37 participating...

02 September


Every nation has its own heroes. In 2014 Romania commemorates 300 years since the sacrifice of Constantin Brancoveanu (“voievode” and “domnitor” of Wallachia or the Romanian Land, 1688-1714), who was killed together with his four sons at Istanbul by an...

22 August

AWB on Airways

Mike Simmons, founder and president of AWB was featured on the online international radio show The Stuph File hosted by Peter Anthony Holder. Mike talked about AWB's world wide outreach programs and the importance of the Telescopes to Tanzania Project....

19 August

Mike on the Mic!

Mike Simmons, AWB's president and founder, appeared on the  The Space Show  speaking with Dr. David Livingston about AWB's programs and especially the importance of Telescopes to Tanzania.  Take a listen .

10 September

From Sci-Fi Fantasies to Scientific Facts and Back: Yin-Ju Chen

I would like to talk about three influential movies that have spurred my artistic practice in recent years. They are 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), For All Mankind (1989), and THX 1138 (1971) 1. 2001: A Space Odyssey  The first...

09 September

Business To Business

Garmen Leather And Footwear Exhibition - Krista Exhibitions is your reliable Exhibition partner for Pharma and Packaging Expo, Pro Audio and Music, Corrugated and Printing, Bakery and Confectionery Exhibition. Accommodation In Sultanahmet Istanbul - The Sarnic luxury and boutique hotel...

04 September

Share to Win Contest

Spread the word and win a OneSky Telescope! We're launching a referral competition. When you share information about Telescopes to Tanzania and raise the most over $1200, you can win a OneSky Telescope. Second place will win a chic AWB...

02 September

Before the Big Bang

Before the Big Bang ~ Credit Image ~ courtesy of Perimeter Institute     What sparked the Big Bang? Should we give a dang how the experts debate as to what might predate it or seemed to exist? Speaking for...

21 August

Inexhaustible Milky Way: Runcu (2)

These two works come to complete the image of the astronomical camp for children, Astro & Photo 2014, led by Valentin Grigore and organized by the Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy (SARM) in Runcu, Romania (July 2014).

18 August