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The two towers (an old one in Targoviste and a new one in Bucharest) metaphorically signify the two eras of astronomical poetry (the highest sentimental attitude of the people to the Cosmos): -when, from antiquity to the end of the...

19 November

Far-Away Places with Strange-Sounding Names

In far-away space where there is no “there” there, Far away over the sky, P acked in spacecraft Rosetta, with exquisite care, Probe Philae is ready to fly. On the twelfth of November, if all goes as planned, After ten...

10 November

Grateful and A question

I'm so bless that i can finally find a community where i can learn a lot and ask an advice about how i can be an amateur astronomer. How i can observe sky, or post a photo like others that...

05 November

Sky Sequences

These 3 Sky Sequences were taken in Romania as follows: The Moon and Venus on Mount Cindrel (2014.07.24). A conjunction, Venus and Jupiter, at the Priseaca Lake (2014.08.18). A moon pillar and two moondogs also at Priseaca (2014.09.01).

30 October

GAM 2015 AstroArts

Guidelines for submitting your art proposal for GAM 2015 This year’s Global Astronomy Month is highlighting art in all various media. We would like artists to submit proposals for programs/activities/events during GAM 2015. Here are the criteria for submissions: Must...

28 October

Got GAM Photos?

Calling All GAM Attendees In preparation for the upcoming 2015 GAM, we are putting together a promotional video trailer. And we need YOUR participation! If you have photos or videos (less than one mintue clips) of events in your locale...

21 October


With this image taken at the Priseaca Lake near Targoviste on a clear evening, Valentin Grigore (photographer), Florin Alexandru Stancu (web master and designer), Alexandru Sebastian Grigore (secretary) and Andrei Dorian Gheorghe (cosmopoet) invite you to visit 4 other projects...

14 November


  Valentin Grigore took these images in 3 and 4 October 2014 in the Danube Delta, which is a wonder of nature and the most beautiful place of this kind in Europe.

07 November

Stellar Fireball

Image ~ Artist’s conception of a nova with a stream of matter being drawn from the donor star (right) to the compact white dwarf (left). © David A. Hardy / Here’s a starry poem one might call ekphrastic about...

04 November

Karachi Astronomy Society's Astrodome

On 11th October 2014 in Gulistan-e-Jauhar, in a crowded and chaotic eastern district of Karachi a landmark astronomy event for Pakistan was unfolding. The President of Karachi Astronomers Society (KaAS), Muhammad Mehdi Hussain had invited members of KaAS, few friends,...

28 October

Water, Water

Image courtesy of NASA: Artist’s conception of a protoplanetary disk. ‘Water’ seems a fitting title of this rhyme on something vital for the beings we take care of and the others we’re aware of. Life on Earth depends on water,...

22 October

Dan Durda - AstroArtist of the Month (October 2014)

Dan Durda is a self-proclaimed Renaissance man. Scientist, artist, spelunker, pilot, he even has an asteroid named after him (6141 Durda). This month, especially for AWB, Dan writes candid articles about how arts and science came together for him naturally...

16 October