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APT SARM for GAM 2014 (5)

Valentin Grigore’s TV Show, Noi si Cerul / Us and the Sky, founded in 2008 as a follower of the past magazine of the Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy (SARM), had, as guest in 12 April, the astropoet Andrei...

Yesterday 21:05

APT SARM for GAM 2014 (4)

In 10 April Valentin Grigore, president of the Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy (SARM), participated at a session of astronomical lectures organized in Bucharest for Global Astronomy Month 2014 by the Henri Coanda College, named after a famous Romanian...

Yesterday 07:44

Is light pollution for the birds? Not all of them. Read this 5th grader's research that won him 1st place in a regional science fair

My name is Ty Pham-Swann and I created a dark sky project that won a first place prize at the Southern Arizona Regional Science and Engineering Fair (SARSEF). I’m a 5th grade student at Canyon View Elementary in Tucson. My...

14 April

Under a Blood Red Moon

When the Moon turns red, it is surely a sign of doom. Or is it? On the night of April 14-15, 2014, people in North America, South America and parts of the Pacific will get to judge for themselves with...

13 April

Share the beauty of the stars with children

Stars are the jewels of the universe; they enlighten our nights and our paths, enchant our spirits since our early childhood. Children entered a long time ago into a unique relationship with stars. Fascinated by the celestial show, the children...

11 April

Arguing for Full Moon Level Lighting

 I am a firm believer in sales. Sales are what make the world go round – well, the business world, certainly, but what many people don't realize is that they are in sales even if they don't hold the title...

10 April

Communication challenges

At it's most basic, the science of astronomy involves nothing more than collecting the faint photons emitted by distant objects, and using that information to try to understand the physics and chemistry (and, one day perhaps, biology?) of what we...

Yesterday 08:00

APT SARM for GAM 2014 (3)

 In 9 and 10 April the Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy (SARM) and its president Valentin Grigore (also the photographer for this project) were involved in three activities dedicated to Global Astronomy Month 2014 in Targoviste: At the Chindia...

Yesterday 07:40

Unhurt by Shadow

How bright the full moon Coming out of her eclipse Unhurt by shadow. From the book “First Star I See Tonight: A Celebration of Wonder,” copyright 2007 by Robert L. Eklund.

13 April

Space, The Shared Frontier

Whether viewing space from the Earth, or Earth from space, the cosmos have the ability to unite us as inhabitants of one planet. This essay by former NASA astronaut Ron Garan, originally posted on his personal Google+ page , is...

12 April

Luna’s Light

A lunar eclipse, curiosity brews. Will the moon stay white or relent in florid hues? In days of old omens twisted fear. Will the wheat shrivel and die Would cattle disappear?   Our enlightened eyes now look up at night...

10 April

Astronomers Without Borders Activities in Nigeria

Since inception in October, 2013, the AWB has really made great impact in Nigeria. Starting with the partial solar eclipse of November 3rd, 2013. The AWB presence has been felt in so many parts of the country. During the partial...

10 April