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Barbara de Ligt (Part 3) - AstroArtist of the Month, December 2014

My newest painting, 80x80 cm, oil on canvas, finished 14 Dec 2014:   Before and after:     Start-up with a sketch on paper, followed by painting the canvas black with 1 acrylic layer and 1 oil layer. After that,...

18 December

Horsehead Nebula

Starmother, you face the hoary frost of heaven, and brood your dusty clutch of hatchlings, with all their quiescent probabilities, deep within your cloudy wavelengths and your lightyears of dreams.

09 December

When the Year Grows Old

Editor’s Note: Darius Grodzki’s combined picture and haiku is a perfect example of the art form called “haiga,” which existed for centuries in Japan using drawings and paintings and now continues internationally using photographs.   The traditional rules for the...

01 December

Barbara de Ligt (Part 1) - AstroArtist of the Month, December 2014

Always fascinated by the universe and miracles of life, Barbara (1984) plunged into astronomy, reading books written by Stephen Hawking and other scientists, and learning some extra physics when she was in high school. Maybe she would to be an...

01 December

Partner Programs for GAM 2015

Are you part of an astronomy organization that is planning a public project or event that you would like to have a worldwide reach?  Then why not join us as a proud partner for GAM2015, running the whole month of...

26 November


Image ~ Vincent van Gogh – The Starry Night – 1889   “The heaventree of stars” (in Ulysses as said Joyce) “hung with humid nightblue fruit” (ah that Bloomian voice) could evoke a masterpiece the world has come to...

25 November


This haiga around the most beautiful constellation, Orion, represents just the prologue of our invitation to visit the last international superproject made by SARM and Friends (organizers: counselors Valentin Grigore and Arlene Carol, web designer Florin Alexandru Stancu, secretary Alexandru...

18 December

Barbara de Ligt (Part 2) - AstroArtist of the Month, December 2014

Final result, "Space Goddess" oil on canvas 80x80 + 80x40 cm: Close-up First Barbara starts sketching in white with her fingers and/or pencils on a black painted canvas. After that, she starts colouring it, usually very thin and with several...

08 December


This work is dedicated to another Canarian isle of beauty, Tenerife, which is full of natural and astronomical attractions around the Teide volcano (over 3700 m high).

01 December

Space Sun Catchers and Ornaments

Digital Photography Art Design by Kathleen Horner © 2012 "Stonehenge Dawn"   Northern Hemisphere Winter "The Shortest Day" “And so the Shortest Day came and the year died? And everywhere down the centuries of the snow-white world ?Came people singing,...

27 November

Last Star

  Bravely, Capella Shines through the gathering clouds Of winter’s first storm. Capella is the brightest star in the fall-winter constellation Auriga, the Charioteer.  The name “Capella” means “little she-goat” in Latin.  At magnitude 0.2, it is one of the...

25 November

A Thousand Full Moons

A thousand full Moons Swim in the drops of dew On my parked car’s roof. I went out to my parked car late one evening, when the Moon was full.  There was a heavy dew, forming droplets of water, and...

25 November