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Apr 20

GAM 2017: Astrocamp and outdoor activities from Vietnam

Our annual astrocamp was held on 15-16Apr 2017 in celebrating GAM. This camp attracted nearly 100 participants in a wide range of ages (from kids to adults). Location: Binh Chau-Phuoc Buu Natural Reserve- Xuyen Moc... Read More...

Apr 20

Donating a minor planet during GAM2017

Yesterday, April 19th 2017, I had the pleasure to organize a very special event during GAM2017. Our local astronomical society (LAG) is running an observatory outpost in the northernwest countryside of Linz. This outpost is... Read More...

Apr 17

The Eternal Blue Star Party

Following for the third week the Gam2017 in Goias follows with a second star Party to The eternal Blue Meeting, a celebration with telescopic observation to proclaim the care with the earth with the nature... Read More...

Apr 14

Yuri's Night 2017 - Vienna

On 12th of April 2017, as every year since 2009, the local Viennese-Association- "Der ORION" celebrated Yuri's Night. Together with the "Austrian Space Forum" (OEWF) and partners from space science & industry. The accompanying programm... Read More...

Apr 13

Municipal Observatory of Campinas register several sprites on April 11

On the evening of Tuesday 11 April, one of the four cameras plains of municipal observatory recorded an intense Transient Events activities Bright or TLE's. Read More...

Apr 13

Bright meteor recorded in northern ES

A bright meteor was recorded on the northern sky of the Holy Spirit in the early hours of April 13, 2017 at 00:25 am local time. The event was recorded partly due to cloud cover... Read More...