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Feb 27

An awesome eclipse sight... and AWB was there!

More than two thousand visitors crowded small Camarones city in Chubut for an unforgettable show yesterday. Some clouds kept everyone holding their breath wondering whether the full annular eclipse would be visible. But alas! At... Read More...

Feb 27

Building Your Planetarium (3rd June 2016)

21 kids participated in “Build Your Own Planetarium” workshop which was held for a week in Cute Cottage, a preschool in Taman Berkeley, Klang. The workshop was conducted through TaleSpace and supported by the GraceCommunityService.... Read More...

Feb 26

The Ring of Fire is hours away!

During these last two days, we had intense activity here at the Trelew Astronomical Center in Argentina. Several groups of astronomers visited us and had a few great lectures. Groups came from Brazil, Perú and... Read More...

Feb 22

Update on AWB project for Feb. 26 eclipse

Less than 4 days until the annular eclipse in Patagonia! And I have some new developments as we prepare for this special occasion. First, I am happy to announce that we have received all 2,000... Read More...

Feb 21

Eclipse Anular de Sol 26 de Febrero

From Cipolletti, Rio Negro, we are going to transmit live the eclipse of the sun of February 26, from our position we will see a partial 78%, we are inviting all those who want to... Read More...

Feb 16

Educational Talk of New Horizon Updates!

I share with Astronomers without Borders community this educational talk about New Horizon updates spoken in spanish. To view the educational talk: Read More...