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Jun 07

Newbie at AWB

by Cristina Montes

I have been in the astronomy hobby since I was a child, but I just joined AWB now. I am excited to meet other astronomers from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. I look forward to exchanging experiences, thoughts, and plans about this wonderful hobby of ours. Read More...

Jun 02

Star Party

Last night AOYA star party and casual observation session sponsored by Shakespeare's & Co. Erbil. During this event, both kids and grown ups have enjoyed and appreciated the thorough look at many of the lunar features in incredible details and clarity. Also Shakespeare's & Co. valued guests were rewarded with a further look at Jupiter with all its glory surrounded by 4 of its brightest moons, followed by observing the beautiful ringed planet Saturn. To many of the guests, thi s was their ever first experience which hopefully will bring the best of their interest in Astronomy, and that's exactly... Read More...

May 31


To a world without restraints! At April 28th 2017, Engelsiz Hacettepe Club hosted an event called Engelsiz Festival 2. The festival was supported by various foundations such as SERÇEV, ÇENGEL ATÖLYE, ÇENGEL KAFE, BİZİM ÇOCUKLAR SPOR KULÜBÜ and many others. Made for people with various disabilities, the event in total have reached out around 250 children and adult people. We were there for sun observation and giving small talks about astronomy and science. You can find the event link here: And for Engelsiz Hacettepe Club: Read More...

May 30

Capture of Comet C/2015 V2 Johnson

I share my capture of comet C / 2015 V2 Johnson from Caguas, Puerto Rico on May 27, 2017. This capture was with DSLR camera and tripod without using telescope or self-guided mount. It was 50 photos of 5 seconds. For more information, you can access my blog: Read More...

May 26

Fayetteville Public Library Offers Donated Telescope

by Muthanna Al-Sarray

A telescope was recently donated to the Fayetteville Public Library, Fayetteville, AR, and is now available for checkout. The telescope was donated to the library by Supporting STEM and Space, Inc. and is sponsored by Sugar Creek Astronomical Society. Library officials said the make and model of the telescope was specifically selected for ease of use and durability. In addition, the library has created a fast facts sheet and staff members have received training to assist patrons in using the telescope. The telescope is available for checkout by any authorized library patron over the age of 18. Patrons can check... Read More...

May 25

Syrian Astronomical Association

by Muthanna Al-Sarray

Muhammed Alassiry, CEO of ASS, welcomed attendances and announced the new SAA center. Even their country suffers diffcult circumtances nowadays, members of Syrian Astronomical Association (SAA) celeberated the opening of association building in May 22, 2017 in Damascus, Syria. Visitors read an International Astronomical Union poster. The observatory of SAA Muhammed Alassiry, chair of SAA, stated that the new center has an observatory with two main telescopes, celestron se8 computerized telescope and 14" Dobsonian Telescope. This Center includes also a plantriounm that was built depending on the expertise of SAA's memebers. Also, SAA with its new center offers a new... Read More...

May 14

Scientific Project to Search for Extrasolar Planets at the Arecibo Observatory

Our team of Astrofotografia y Ciencia (Solar System Ambassador - NASA / JPL Fernando Roquel Torres and Professor Erica Correa Felix) was invited by Prof. Abel Méndez, who is a planetary scientist and astrobiologist at the University of Puerto Rico in Arecibo studying the Potential for the life of the planets, to a Scientific Project to Search for Extrasolar Planets at the Arecibo Observatory on Friday, May 12, 2017 from 7:30 pm to 10:00 pm. From the beginning, Professor Méndez was demonstrating the equipment in the control room of the most sensitive radio telescope in the world. Professor Mendez explained... Read More...

May 08

Crowd funding campaign support pre-primary & primary wings at Bhawani Higher Secondary School, Parbat!

Nepal Astronomical Society (NASO) came in contact with this school in 2010 for the first time with the proposal of our outreach program at the school. After our meeting with Mr. Bhola Nath Sharma, social activist and chairman of School Management Committee (SMC) we decided to conduct an outreach activity at the school on November 13, 2010. After that we had several visits to the schools, donated one galileoscope (Dec 6, 2012) to encoourage secondary level students for astronomy and invited secondary level teacher/s to our Galileo Teacher Training Program (GTTP) in 2012 (Kathmandu), 2013 (Pokhara) and 2015 (Pokhara). While... Read More...

May 07

Educational Visit to the Arecibo Observatory - May 5, 2017

On May 5, 2017, first and second grade students from Cipriano Manrique Elementary School in Caguas, Puerto Rico were able to enjoy an educational visit to the Arecibo Observatory accompanied by our resource and Solar System Ambassador - NASA / JPL Fernando Roquel Torres. Our Solar System Ambassador was as a guide illustrating everything concerning the meteorites of the place. It also explained how the Radiotelescope works which does not use visible light, but radio and radar waves for its investigations . With the wonderful view of the Gregorian dome of the Radiotelescope, our Solar System Ambassador was explaining to... Read More...

May 05

Star Gazing program at Saraswati Shishumandir Jamnagar

The program was organized to introduce primary students with visual night sky. At starting I show them Saptarishi(Ursa Major), Locating Polaris Arcturus Spica, Identifying Jupiter. After that I show them Jupiter and its four moons with a 6" reflector telescope. The time was almost ending, So parents were arrived to receive their kids. We show the Jupiter with telescope also to parents. Approx 50 students and their parents were participated. Read More...

May 04

GAM 2017 in Iran's schools

we hold astronomy workshop in Moalem highschool, for motivated girls student. we discussion about Aliens, hot news about exoplanets, trip to mars and how we can be an astronomer, etc. Read More...

May 03

Astronomy Day in Tehran

We could have a booth for the fifth year in Gonbad E Mina, Ab va Atash Park, Tehran. Mohammad Reza Shafizadeh and Pouria Moradi were the managers of booth and we must thank Hesam Khanjani for his help. our booth was open for all and we explained the astronomical alternative models there. you can see more photos from this link: Read More...

May 02

Space Awareness during GAM Bulgaria

On April 1 and 2, 2017 with students from the town of Tryavna, Secondary school "P.R.Slaveikov" during a two-day training camp in a Municipal center for extracurricular activities took place the initiative "Be an astronomer for one night!". The students had the opportunity to learn about the device and types of telescopes and how to conduct astronomical observation. They were also familiar with the educational resources of the SPACE AWARENESS project: Read More...

May 02

Astronomy evening at Turtle lake - finalizing GAM - 2017

At 30th of April Georgia Astronomy Club organized “Public Astronomy Evening” at Turtle Lake, Tbilisi, Georgia. With this event, Georgia Astronomy Club has completed astronomy outreach campaign organized within the frameworks of Global Astronomy Month - 2017. Read More...

Apr 30

GAM 2017 - Astronomical Educational Talk "Astronomia y Astrofotografia para Aficionados" in Caribbean University Bayamon Campus, Puerto Rico

On April 29, 2017, from 10am, an educational talk entitled "Astronomy and Astrophotography for Amateurs" was given to teachers, students and guests at the Caribbean University Bayamón, Puerto Rico. This is due to the celebration of the Global Astronomy Month (GAM 2017). From the beginning of the talk, people participated interactively with our Solar System Ambassador Fernando Roquel Torres on everything related to astrophotography, its uses in the field of astronomy and how to envelop students to have a better understanding of the cosmos. Professor Erica Correa Felix was collaborating in the captures of the photos for evidence of the... Read More...

Apr 30

GAM 2017 Philippines – The Last Week

The last week of the 2017 Global Astronomy Month celebration One of the strengths of the local astronomy community of the Philippines is in doing astronomy outreach activities. To celebrate the Global Astronomy Month astronomy organizations from the Philippines have organized telescope viewing events throughout the month of April. For the last week of April we start with the SunDay event. We have the Astronomical League of the Philippines setting up at the Mall of Asia to give the public a chance to view the Sun in H-alpha and white light. The Manila Street Astronomers continues its series of free... Read More...

Apr 28

Mobile planetarium in school in Belgrade, Serbia

In cooperation with the Center for Promotion of Science, on Wednesday, 19th April 2017, mobile planetarium visited school ivo Andric in Belgrade. The pupils of the fifth and sixth grade, and Relja Gracanin, had the opportunity to follow interactive lectures on astronomy and expand their knowledge about the universe and cosmic bodies (planets, stars, satellites). The content of the lecture was very interesting, and the information that Sun is not immortal and that is now on half its life, has caused many reaktions. Read More...

Apr 26

April 25, 2017- Four Corners Lecture Series: Our History Is in the Stars

We had 33 people in attendance, which was more than expected because it was snowing. The program was largely indoors with PowerPoint, as a result. Despite this, there was great feedback from attendees many of whom, I was surprised to find out could not find the Big Dipper before the program. The program included starhopping techniques and Native American cultural stories for the constellations up that night (if we could have seen them). There was great newspaper coverage before the event, which certainly helped with attendance. Read More...

Apr 24

Meteor Rain Astrocamping Liridas 2017

Meteor Rain Astrocamping Liridas. Observation of the meteor shower occurred in the Valley of Eden an Ecovilla in the interior of Goias whose Gunstar Team works training in its fields of low light pollution Read More...

Apr 24

Gunstar Team Explores Academy

Were given to the classes of: Astrophotography Location celeste Telescope maintenance Meteoritica History of Gunstar Club History of Astronomy Read More...

Apr 24

100% Overcast Until Latest Afternoon, Therefore No(!!) group astronomy At All!!!

Only with my friend on our balcony when the clouds Finally broke, were 4 sunspots visible!! Before that, Only spaceweath er!! Read More...

Apr 23

Star Party in Jamnagar

I organized a public program as star party near Amusement park in Jamnagar. As it was Sunday there was a huge rush of public visiting the Amusement park. So I was kept the 6" reflector telescope outside of the park. Approx 300 persons observed through telescope and watched the Jupiter. I thanks a lot to Ramesh Dangar for photography, Niraj Bakraniya, Tejas Hadiyal, Nilesh Gohil for assistance and C B Modhwadiya for providing the telescope. Read More...

Apr 22

GAM 2017 Philippines – The 2nd and 3rd Week

The first week of the 2017 Global Astronomy Month celebration in the Philippines was dominated with free telescope viewing (FTV) events. The Philippine local astronomy community is very active in its astronomy outreach and telescope viewing events. Here is a listing of GAM activities for the 2nd and 3rd week: The 9 th day of April has the Manila Street Astronomers (MSA) setting up at the Alabang Town Center to showcase the Moon and Jupiter. For day 10, we have the Rizal Technological University Astronomy Society conducting a Telescope workshop, and MSA setting up at McDonald's Antlers for an FTV.... Read More...

Apr 20

GAM 2017: Astrocamp and outdoor activities from Vietnam

Our annual astrocamp was held on 15-16Apr 2017 in celebrating GAM. This camp attracted nearly 100 participants in a wide range of ages (from kids to adults). Location: Binh Chau-Phuoc Buu Natural Reserve- Xuyen Moc District- Ba Ria Vung Tau Province, Vietnam Target: 1. Skytour (observing the night sky, celestial objects, planets, Moon, asterism and constellations). 2. Water rocket launch 3. Solar observation 4. Games with astronomical test It's a change for newcomers to observe the night sky via optical instruments, to enjoy the whole starry night with our members in the Ho Chi Minh City Amateur Astronomy Club (HAAC).... Read More...

Apr 20

Donating a minor planet during GAM2017

Yesterday, April 19th 2017, I had the pleasure to organize a very special event during GAM2017. Our local astronomical society (LAG) is running an observatory outpost in the northernwest countryside of Linz. This outpost is situated in the municipal area of Gramastetten. They host us for more than 20 years, so we decided to say officially thankyou to the local municipal and to all people there supporting us, especially our local landlord, an organic farmer who is supporing us in any matters for decades. How should we do this ? What's a convenient gift for this? ...... Right ! Naming... Read More...